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Our services are geared toward supporting families, adults and children with disabilities. We are always updating our services and the ways we impact the world so keep an eye on tis page for any updates or changes with our services offered.

Each service provided will require additional steps to be taken to ensure the necessary support is going to those who are truly in need. If you don't see a service here that you are in need of, send us a message and let us know how we can serve you better! Every day, we are doing our best to serve the community in an authentic and loving way by offering services that pick up the slack and are easily accessible to those in need.

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Financial Support

We offer financial support for special needs families who are experiencing financial hardship.

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Respite Care Services

We are partnered with a home health agency so that we can offer respite care for caregivers who could use extra support.

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Family Assistance

We offer direct assistance to special needs families to help ensure that needs are being met.

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Community Support

We host regular community outreach events and extend helping hands to the community when we can. Our dedicated team of volunteers are always ready and willing to get involved.

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Education Support

We support education for adults and children with disabilities and offer limited assistance to make the education accessible to all.

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Holiday Donations

We help create equal experiences for all so we offer holiday donations and support so that every family can celebrate the holidays regardless of their current financial standing.

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