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About Us

Our vision for the JCP Foundation is to be an organization centered around diversity, inclusion, and advocacy. Our services, programs, and efforts are focused on creating a community that is accessible and accommodating to all. We hope to pave the way for other organizations that serve people with disabilities and their families to make equality and acceptance a priority!

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Our Story

Founded With Care

JCP Foundation's founding family is a special needs family that saw a need and did everything in their power to fulfill that need. They founded JCP Foundation after they experienced first hand how difficult it was to receive support for persons and families with disabilities. They created JCP Foundation as a means to bridge that gap and make genuine and quality support more accessible to all.

Continuous Support

Here at JCP Foundation, we are always aiming to elevate and increase our reach around the world. We are constantly updating our processes and expanding our services offered so that we can serve more families in need. We hope to be the continuous support ready and willing to assist whenever the time comes. Serving both children and adults with disabilities, we have an open door policy when it comes to asking for help!

Who We Help

We currently offer support and assistance to special needs families. We serve children, adults, and families with disabilities.

How We Do It

With the help of donations from the public, our incredible volunteers and our dedicated team, we are able to create new opportunities.

Why We Help

We take pride in helping others live lives full of love, care and equality. We strive to serve our community and lend a helping hand!


Get Involved

We could use your support! In an effort to expand our reach and serve more communities across the nation, we need dedicated and caring individuals to get involved and help us impact the world. We are currently accepting donations and applications for volunteers.

We can't wait to change the world with you!

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